Maintenance Grooming

Removal of all dead hair reducing the amount of shedding in your home.

Lion cut

For the very matted cat or for easiness of the owner.


For those tricky knots that you have spent hours trying to remove.

Trimming the claws, especially for the elderly cats who are no longer able to retract and shorten their claws.

Clipping the hair underneath the abdomen, and around the hygiene area.

Coat cleaning

Bathing can be carried out at the owners request.

Eyes and ears

Clip and clean particularly for the Persian, British Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan.

It is often the coat that requires thinning, rather than the length causing any problems.

All the treatments are carried out in a home environment; with confidence, kindness and at the cat’s own pace. No sedatives, minimal restraint. Just time and patience, with expert knowledge.

Each cat is groomed to the way in which they find most comfortable. Most cats are groomed on the groomers lap with limited grooming table time to ensure the cat feels safe in their environment.

Our cat clients are groomed from the home environment in Wymondham. We have previously experienced that cats react well to being groomed out of their own environment.

The groomer entering their home can often be unsettling for them, particularly the shy, fractious cats.

When the cat’s coat is very matted or the cat is old or particularly stressed and angry, two visits are better than one!


Matting can be very uncomfortable and even painful for cats, so your help will definitely be appreciated – even if they don’t show it at the time!


All our feline friends, even the short-haired cats, should be groomed regularly.