As knowledgeable Cat Groomers, we offer a full range of tailored services ensuring they get the best possible care and attention they fully deserve.


We understand that you don't always have enough time or skills to groom your cat. CATS AT HOME play a big part in caring for your beloved pet by regularly maintaining their coat so your cat looks and feels just great!

We are an exclusive Cat-friendly grooming service based in Wymondham, Norfolk.

Whether your cat is in need of a full dematt & shave or just a routine tidy with nail clipping we can help!

CATS AT HOME provide a stress-free, relaxed and calm experience home from home.


Hi, I'm Charlie and I founded CATS AT HOME in 2019. 

I qualified in 2000 as a Veterinary Nurse and for many years I worked in various Veterinary Practices across the country caring for animals.

I started to offer my grooming services for cats over 18 years ago, however, my full-time role of managing vet practices took priority.

Since becoming a mummy to Mabel and Penelope I've been able to help people who have kitties in need of some loving attention!

CATS AT HOME now caters to hundreds of cats owners with a range of affordable quality services so if you want to 
give your cat an enjoyable grooming experience where cruel and inhumanely sedated methods are not required then get in touch with us.



Cats take real pride in their appearance, spending almost half their waking hours preening to perfection. Being independent animals, cats are keen to look after themselves; however, sometimes they just need a helping hand.


Some cats' hair can just be too long to keep knot and matt free.  It's also common for elderly cat's hair to become matted due to their inability to groom themselves.


38 Right Up Lane, Wymondham​

NR18 9NB

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